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Don and Becky Bilderback
Don and Becky Bilderback's will leaves a part of their estate to an SPU Scholarship Endowment. Read more.
Ways to Give

You can leave a cherished legacy by including SPU in your will or Revocable Living Trust. Careful consideration of your estate will help you take care of your family and leave a lasting legacy through a gift to the University.


Sample language for a bequest that you can provide to your attorney is available Sample Language for a Bequest to Seattle Pacific University. Not only can a bequest support God's work at Seattle Pacific, but it may provide significant savings in estate taxes.


For more information on naming SPU in your will, please call 206-281-2702 or email us today. If you have already included SPU in your estate plans, please let us know so we may thank you and send you information about the Wellspring Society, which recognizes those who have planned future gifts to benefit SPU.

Gifts of Lasting Influence
Giving through a bequest is an excellent way to have a major impact on Seattle Pacific University without affecting your current assets. A bequest also makes a lasting public statement about the things that matter most to you. These goals can be accomplished without overlooking the needs of your survivors. Yet even if you have no plans to support any charitable causes in your estate plans, you should have a will.

Will Your Will Be Done?
A will is more than a tool for dispersing your estate. It is a way to protect the interests of your loved ones and the causes you support. It allows you to make one final statement about what you personally value.

Though an obviously valuable document, only 30 percent of the Americans who die each year leave a valid will. Many wrongly assume they do not need a will.

But the truth is, a will should be the cornerstone of your overall financial plan. Here's why:


If you die without a valid will, your estate will be dispersed by the state. Your personal interests and charitable desires will be ignored, and a stranger may be named administrator of your estate.
A will can protect the bereaved from the added stress of managing financial affairs. If your spouse is unaccustomed to dealing with insurance proceeds and other assets, a trust could be established to make things easier.
A will can help you express your love to others. When a person dies without leaving a will, those left behind must sort out the estate and make difficult decisions. Uncertainties and disagreements develop that compound the grieving process. Through leaving a will, you can help your loved ones through that painful time.
A will can conserve your assets so that more is available to meet your objectives. A will not only reduces administrative costs of probate, but it can also reduce or even eliminate estate taxes. No estate is too small to benefit from a will.
A will provides peace of mind. You can relax, knowing that your temporal affairs are in order. You have cared for the persons and concerns closest to your heart.

Protecting Your Family
If your children are still financially dependent, you may opt for a conditional bequest to Seattle Pacific. For instance, you may want assets to pass to SPU only after your children have died. Or you may want to support your loved ones for a specific period of time, after which the funds would pass to Seattle Pacific. The University's gift planning specialists can explain the options to you.

Help Is Available
Do you need help getting a will made? SPU's Office of Gift Planning can get you started. Our gift planning officers can visit you or provide a list of lawyers who specialize in drafting wills. Simply write or call the Office of Gift Planning, Seattle Pacific University, 3307 Third Ave. W., Suite 305, Seattle, Washington 98119-1957. The number to call is 206-281-2702 or email us today.

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