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Ways to Give

You can often realize tremendous tax benefits by giving gifts of stocks and bonds.


Transferring Securities

Securities gifts can be made using our downloadable form (PDF), which contains instructions for both your broker and for notifying SPU of your gift.

Seattle Pacific University
Attn: Gifts Processing
3307 3rd Ave W Ste 304
Seattle, WA 98119

For questions regarding giving securities (including giving stocks in certificate form), please email or call Advancement Services at (206) 281-2237.

Appreciated Stock

Marjorie T. plans to make a donation to SPU's new Chapel / Performance Arts Hall in memory of her late husband, Tom. She knows how important Seattle Pacific was to him, especially some of the professors who encouraged Tom and got him started in a career.

To fund the gift, Marjorie would like to sell some stock that is now worth $10,000. Marjorie bought the stock for just $500 in 1956. Before selling, Marjorie wisely decides to check with one of the gift planning officers at SPU. "If you sell the stock yourself," she is told, "you'll pay a hefty tax on the amount of growth the stock achieved since 1956. With the 75% tax on long-term capital gains, you would pay a tax of $1,425 on the $9,500 capital gain, leaving you with just $8,575 to give to the chapel fund. However, if you donate the stock directly to SPU, there's no capital gains tax and all the money will go toward the Chapel. Plus, in your 28% tax bracket you'll save a total of $2,800 on your taxes because of the charitable deduction. With those savings, a $10,000 gift ends up costing you only $7,200".


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