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Building a Strong Endowment

SPU’s Endowment consists of donations and institutional funds set aside for permanent investment in order to produce a dependable stream of annual operating income for the University.

Seattle Pacific University is consistently rated one of the best educational values in the West. Administrators have worked diligently to minimize tuition increases while concurrently retaining a remarkable and highly respected faculty, expanding and enriching educational programs, and developing and equipping facilities that foster the SPU vision to engage the culture and change the world. 

And yet, running a premier Christian university located near the center of a vibrant metropolis such as Seattle is an expensive undertaking. Only a portion of the University’s $117 million annual operating budget is covered by tuition and as a private Christian university, we receive no government funding. Thus, like strong universities everywhere, we rely on endowment earnings to fund a significant percentage of our annual operating budget.    

The nation’s leading universities strive to build endowments that produce earnings equal to at least 10 percent of their annual operating budgets. At SPU, our Endowment is currently funding just 2 percent of our annual operating budget. Thus, to keep tuition affordable and to provide substantial scholarship assistance to students both today and in the future, we hope you will consider supporting the endowment at SPU.

We are confident we can achieve the necessary endowment growth over the next several years through prudent investment management and through the partnership and generosity of our faithful alumni, donors and friends. Together, we will endow the future of Seattle Pacific University and continue to graduate students of competence and character who will engage the culture and change the world for generations to come.  Questions? email us today


Don and Ginger MacDonald Scholarship Endowment in Honor of David Anderson

The Donors’ sons experienced excellence in music education especially by instruction from David Anderson, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Choral Music, who exemplified God’s grace and dedication in the arts. The Donors wish to honor him with the establishment of this endowment which will provide scholarships to undergraduate students who study in the academic area of Choral Music.

Jennifer and Kim Gilnett Journalism and Communication Scholarship Endowment

Kim Gilnett graduated from Seattle Pacific in 1974 with a bachelor of arts degree in Communication, and Jennifer Gilnett graduated from Seattle Pacific in 1981 with a bachelor of arts degree in English. They spent a combined 75 years of exemplary service at SPU in the areas of Admissions, Communication, and Music and Theater. The donor and friends wish to honor the career legacy of Jennifer and Kim in supporting Seattle Pacific University’s mission of engaging the culture and changing the world. This endowment will provide scholarships with preference to undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Journalism or Communication.

Seattle Pacific University Faculty Scholar of the Year Endowment

The donors recognize the importance of faculty scholarship and the time and dedication of faculty members who contribute to the scholarship of teaching, application and discovery. This endowment will benefit outstanding faculty scholars at Seattle Pacific by providing funding for an annual Scholar of the Year award.

C. Clifford McCrath Scholarship Endowment

C. Clifford McCrath spent 38 years of his career as the Head Coach of Men’s Soccer at Seattle Pacific and also served as Dean of Students from 1970 to 1976. McCrath has dedicated his life and career to having a positive impact on the lives of others. He is a strong advocate and ambassador in the world of soccer, and along with the Donors, desires to assist Seattle Pacific in accomplishing its mission of engaging the culture, and changing the world. This endowment provides scholarships with preference to undergraduate students participating in Men’s Soccer who exhibit the work ethic of championship potential both on and off the soccer field.

Kauppila Family Scholarship Endowment

The donors have a deep appreciation for the School of Business, Government, and Economics, for its commitment to excellence in instruction, for the caliber of its students, and for the development of ethical business leaders. This endowment’s intent is to provide scholarships with preference to undergraduate students studying accounting.

Dr. Micheal Dean Roe School of Psychology, Family & Community Graduate Student Scholarship Endowment

The donors have come to know and appreciate Seattle Pacific’s purpose and mission and specifically the mission and character of the School of Psychology, Family & Community which is guided by faith, rooted in academic discipline and committed to service. They value the outstanding accomplishments and advances the School has experienced under the leadership of Dr. Micheál Roe and would like to support scholarships for SPFC graduate students in the areas of Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Medical Family Therapy.

Seattle Pacific Seminary Advisory Board Scholarship Endowment

The Donors are concerned to assist in providing for the proper financial undergirding of the work of the Seminary and to participate in ameliorating the burdens of rising educational costs and the concomitant debt burden for our graduates, many of whom will be engaged in the work of mission and ministry, or work in the not-for-profit world. The Donors highly value the education that is offered to students attending Seattle Pacific and desire to establish an Endowment Fund to be held in perpetuity to provide scholarships for students in the Master’s programs of Seattle Pacific Seminary with preference to students in the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Theology, and Master of Theological Studies programs, and with a special focus on those who will be in service to the Church and the broader Christian community.

Floyd and Joy Fisher Hammersla Scholarship Endowment

The donors highly value the education that is offered to students attending Seattle Pacific and understand the high costs associated with attending. They are very aware of the financial pressures many students experience in paying for their education and desire to help reduce this burden by establishing this endowment. Joy Fisher Hammersla provided SPU with 15 years of dedicated service as a faculty member in the Department of Psychology and made significant professional contributions to the field of social psychology theory and research. This endowment will provide scholarships to undergraduate students who qualify for institutional financial aid, with preference given to those students determined by the University to have the greatest financial need and have the potential to best exemplify Seattle Pacific’s mission to graduate students of competence and character in order to engage the culture and change the world.

O’Leary Family Scholarship Endowment

Valerie O’Leary graduated from Seattle Pacific in 1997 with a Master of Business Administration degree. Her son, John O’Leary also graduated from SPU in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Business Administration and her daughter-in-law, Rachele (Stockdale) O’Leary also graduated from SPU in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Physiology and minoring in Chemistry. The donor desires to provide scholarships to undergraduate students studying in the academic program areas of business or science.

Jon C. Meis Engineering Scholarship Endowment

This endowment was established to benefit engineering students named in honor of 2014 graduate Jon Meis, whose brave actions averted more injuries on June 5, 2014. Preference shall be given to “students majoring in or intending on majoring in Engineering or closely-related fields who demonstrate potential to best exemplify Seattle Pacific’s mission to engage the culture and change the world through dedication to Christian service and who demonstrate readiness and preparedness to act when called upon.”


Establishing an Individual Named Endowment at SPU

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could create a permanent fund in your name or in the name of someone you love and admire?  One that strengthened the vision and carried out the goals of a premier Christian university?  One that supported top quality faculty and programs, and at the same time fulfilled student dreams to attain a premier Christian higher education?  The good news is—you can! 

Funding Your Endowment

With a minimum gift of $30,000, you may establish your own individual named endowment at SPU.  Your contribution may be funded with cash, securities, or real estate, and may be pledged over a five-year period if desired with an initial contribution of at least $5,000.  Endowments may also be created through a will or other type of deferred gift, such as those mentioned in the gift planning pages of our website.  As the funding for deferred endowments may not come to the University for many years, the minimum contribution for this type of endowment is $50,000.  Once an endowment is established, you or your family members or friends may add to it at any time.

Naming Your Endowment

Endowments are named for the donor or for someone the donor wishes to honor or remember.  For instance, you may choose to name an endowment in honor of a professor or someone whose life embodies the values of Seattle Pacific University.  Or, you may give your endowment a family name so that future generations may have the joy of participating in the growth of the family’s fund.  Whatever name is chosen, an endowment is a meaningful way to create a permanent legacy and to ensure that your own long-term philanthropic goals will be fulfilled. 

Selecting Your Endowment’s Purpose

At the time you establish your endowment, you may decide how the earnings from your fund will be spent.  Some options include student scholarships, faculty support, such as endowed chairs or professorships, research, lecture series, or support of a particular school or program.  Unrestricted endowments may also be established to help meet the University’s most pressing needs as determined annually.  Please note - certain types of endowments may have higher minimum funding levels than $30,000, such as endowed professorships or chairs.  Our staff will be happy to provide you with a list of endowment types and minimum funding levels.

Your Endowment Agreement and Our Pledge to Keep You Informed

Once you have determined the purpose for your endowment, we will prepare an endowment agreement to be signed by the University president and you to govern the use of your fund in perpetuity.  We will also keep you informed by sending you our annual endowment report and advising you of the current balance in your fund. 

Investment and Spending Policy

All endowment funds are professionally invested among diverse asset classes with a goal of producing above-average long-term returns within acceptable risk limits.  The Seattle Pacific Foundation Board has investment management and oversight for the Seattle Pacific University Endowment portfolio.  The University spends 5 percent of the total endowment value annually based on a 10-year rolling average.  Earnings above the 5-percent spending rate are reinvested so that your endowment will grow and keep pace with inflation over time. 

Recognizing Your Generosity

At Seattle Pacific University, we deeply appreciate the caring and generosity of donors who support our mission.  We especially recognize the key role endowment donors play in helping ensure a strong future for SPU and its students.  With gratitude, we honor endowment donors by listing their names in our Endowment Annual Report.  Of course, requests for anonymity are strictly observed. 

It’s Your Legacy

We hope you will consider establishing an individual named endowment as a lasting reflection of your believe in SPU’s mission.  It will perpetuate the values you hold dear and will help Seattle Pacific change the world - one promising student at a time. 

For More Information

Please contact the Seattle Pacific Foundation at 206-281-2702, or toll-free at 888-591-9778. You may also email us today or click the link on this page to request our endowment brochure.