Alumni by Class - 1930-1949

Cascade College:
  Five or more years of consecutive giving:
  President's Circle:
  Deceased (*)

Class giving: 50%

Margaret Taylor *

Class giving: 17%

George W. Johnson *
Paul and Lois Madden

Class giving: 8%

Lula Gilbert
Ernest Smith

Class giving: 20%

Eloine and Gilbert Beckwith
Herbert and Joybelle Hansen
Edith Holmes
Imo Sparks

Class giving: 19%

Gustave Breitenbach*
Lilian and Keith Burbank
Ruth Ellen Kroon
Marian Lewis
Diantha Willmer

Class giving: 11%

Violet Anderson-Monroe
Janice and Alton Bullard
Melvin and Florence Harrison
Kathryn Hessler *
Lenore Johnson

Class giving: 7%

George and Arleen Dailey
Norman and Una Jean MacDonald

Class giving: 10%

Mildred Gallagher
Harriette Smith

Class giving: 24%

Melvina Butz
Dorothy Horne *
Mary Kline
Esther R. Lyon
Clarice MacDonald
Patricia A. MacDonald
Norman and Beverlee Overland
Duane E. Ulrich
Gordon and Beverly Van Rooy
Lois M. Wolfe-Campbell

Class giving: 28%

Lois Ansted
Florence and M. Wesley Arms
G. Harry and Betty Bonney
Harold and Gloria Crawford
Robert and Peggy Downing
Ruth and Lester Finger
Audre Fox
Wesley and Louise Graham
Dorothee Hayman
Marion L. Kelsven
Betty Miller
Abbie Jean Mundy
Hubert and Marie Newton

Class giving: 17%

Maxine Bostock
Pauline and Richard Chauran
Ruth and Drnest Christensen
Alvin Crane
Virginia Fordice
Beverly Kelsven
David O. Moberg
Lyle and Shelley Staley
Doris Wilson

Class giving: 27%

Alvin and Lucy Anderson
Betty Aronson
Wayne and Dorene Cash
Margaret Cohagan
Robert Corson
Jean DeValve
Paul and Esther Embree
George and Amy Green
Robert and Madilyn Greenwald
Dona-Rae Gross
LaVerna and James Kaneen
Gilbert and Helen Koller
Sarah Langford
Dr. Robert W. Lansing
Maurice Macy
Kenneth and Ruth Meier
Lloyd and Jacquelyn Nolte
Ruby and Ivan Shupe
Barbara and Wilbur Stanley
Mary Ruth Steinert
Eugene and Beth Stewart
Rev. Robert E. Verme
Bonnie M. (Livesay) White

Class giving: 20%

Harold and Violet Aldridge
Marky and Dorothy Barrett
Doyal and Viola Brown
Lee and Doris Craven
Marjorie and Donald Friedrich
Benjamin Laughlin
Fred Lawrence and Sherill McCroskey-Lawrence
Mae and William Prentice
Leonard and Helen Rash
James M. and Frances L. Reynolds
Leon and Martha Strunk
Paul and Gloria Swanson
Robert and Eileen Titterington
Ruth Diaz Vega-Norton and Lawrence E. Norton