Homecoming 2013


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Class of '78 Homecoming Reunion

2 p.m., Saturday, January 26, 2013
Hill Hall Lounge

RSVP on Facebook, or call 206-281-ALUM
Complimentary refreshments

35th Reunion

If the memory of those days at Seattle Pacific College has dimmed a bit, a great “refresher course” in the form of our 35-year reunion will get you an A+ in renewing friendships with those classmates with whom you spent so much time together ... 35 long years ago! During the passing decades we've matured, changed, and, undoubtedly, have some stories to share. Life brings successes and failures, challenges and joys. We would love for you to come, share your stories, and, once again, be with classmates from our heyday!

Honor Your Class

You can honor your class and the alma mater you love in a special way by making a reunion year gift today. When you do, you demonstrate how much you value the education you received at Seattle Pacific University. Boost your reunion class participation rate during your reunion year (see below). And thank you for helping our students realize their dreams of a quality Christian higher education.

Class of '78 (35th Reunion) Class of '78
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